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Spoiler-Free Review: New Game

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The World

New Game is a simple slice-of-life anime. It’s set in modern-day Japan. The only thing that’s unique about the world is the apparent lack of men. Seven episodes into the anime and we’ve only seen one male character–a small boy apparently related to one of the secondary characters.

I don’t think the lack of men is meant to say or indicate anything–I think they’re just not important to the story.

New Game anime
New Game anime

The Plot

Aoba just graduated from high school. She starts work at Eagle Jump, the video game company that made one of her favorite games as a child. She works as a character designer, under the woman who first inspired her to pursue character design.

The story is about Aoba adapting to adult life and learning to work with her colleagues. Each episode more or less stands alone and, aside from the slow build-up to the next game release, there’s no over-arching plot.

The Characters

There’s nothing particularly unique about the characters–there’s the childlike one, the shy one, the tomboy, the loud-mouth, etc. And yet, the character interactions are enough to keep you entertained.

What Keeps Me Coming Back

New Game is currently airing in Japan, so only one episode comes out a week. I look forward to each new episode because this show is so darn cute. Plus one of the higher-ups at Eagle Jump brings her cat into work most days. Cats make anime better.

Seriously, though, the show does a good job of making you really like the characters. They aren’t complex, but they’re very charming. While their work isn’t easy, they live the ideal game developer lives–working with other passionate people in a fun environment making good games.


Some people might find the show a little boring because it’s a simple slice-of-life. I’m not a fan of the yuri overtones, but it isn’t strong enough to really bother me.

How You Can Watch It

As I mentioned,¬†New Game is currently airing in Japan. I’m watching it on Crunchyroll, which is the only legal way to watch it, as far as I know. Because it’s so new, the anime has subtitles only.

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