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A Doctor Who fanedit making series 8 into a romantic comedy. The result? Perfection. (Even though I don’t like Clara.)

So I’ve known about I Am Bread for quite some time. I’ve always found it mildly amusing. But when my boyfriend showed it to me, it was so much funnier than I expected! Seriously, give it a try.


How Attack on Titan Would Really Go.



This image, not much else to say. This guy just makes me very happy.


I was obsessed with this song when it came out and when someone made gifs for it related to one of my all time favorite Supernatural episodes… well I couldn’t help but fall in love.


My last one isn’t really one thing it’s just what I have been doing. And that is reading Teen Wolf fanfiction on Tumblr. I can’t really give you a specific fanfiction just all around that is what I have been spending my time doing. I would apologize but then the the point of this blog is to just embrace the fangirl in all of us.


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