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A Silent Voice manga
I recently finished reading a slice-of-life manga called A Silent Voice. It’s about a boy in middle school who starts bullying the new girl in his class because she’s deaf. The bullying backfires on him and he becomes an outcast. Years later in high school, he seeks her out and ends up becoming friend with her. Although I don’t have first-hand experience, it felt very true-to-life. I highly recommend it! silent voice

Battle of Five Armies gifs
Tuesday was the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies on blu-ray and DVD. That means gifs are coming! So. Excited. There are some wonderfully ridiculous facial expressions in that movie.

Gravity Falls Vinylmation
I was at Disneyland on Saturday and I asked around for some Gravity Falls merch. It turns out they have Vinylmation!




Teen Wolf Season Three
So I just finished season 4 of Teen Wolf and GUYS!!! I didn’t think I could love this show more than I already did. But it was possible. To be honest, I was nervous about it after two of my favorite characters left the show at the end of season three (spoilers?) but let me tell you, Stilia (that’s Stiles and Melia for anyone who wants to know) made up for it. I’m not sure if my favorite this week was the season or just them!

(what’s a fangirl with out a OTP shipping am I right)

Against the Current
While looking up fanvideos of Stilia I found this band and now I’m obsessed! They sound like the love child of Paramore and Carly Rae Jepsen. And I have literally been playing this song on repeat since I found it. It also totally helps give me that last push at the gym.

Shaenatargaryen’s Tumblr Blog
I didn’t know I wanted (more like needed) a modern Game of Thrones until I saw these posts. Honestly guys I am nerding out SO HARD! My favorite is the Dothraki biker gang, how freaking bad ass are these images? Move aside Sons of Anarchy!


Tell us what fun obsessions you’ve had this week!

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