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Being Entertained (A Star Wars Tale)

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So here I sit waiting for another franchise movie to start. Yeah they got me, sitting here with my large popcorn and drink waiting to see my old heroes redone again. And as I munch of my way-too-buttered snack I am bombarded with even more franchise films: X-men, Captain America and Independence Day. All continuations of block busters. Some much more recent than others.

I’m here to see Star Wars, the great classic space opera. But what made this movie such a classic to begin with? It was fresh and new. Something no one had ever seen before. In a world where the cinema was filled with dark dramas this flashy fun was something fresh for a tired audience.

Something we are all to used to now.

I was once excited about these films. When X-men first came out, only a year after the Phantom Menace, I was ecstatic, then came Fantastic Four (a personal favorite Marvel team), and Daredevil as well as the next two Star Wars. My heroes were on the big screen and every time I would get more and more excited to see who was going to play my heroes.

Now, over a decade later, this is all I have. My old heroes over and over again.

And me, ready for new ones.

I’m bitter that I can’t have new adventures with new characters. Why is it just a continuation of the old? Why are my movies planned out for the next hundred years? Where is my Luke Skywalker? My Indiana Jones? Where is my new fresh story? My never-seen epic?

I became bitter, my love for superheroes and their stories became a source of annoyance. Instead of getting excited on who was going to play my new Johnny Storm I only rolled my eyes as wondered when they were going to end.

Then I went to see Star Wars, ready for yet another remake of the old. A continuation of what I have already seen and loved. Nothing was going to be as good as the old so why can’t we just make something completely new?

Then halfway through the movie I realized something.

I wasn’t enjoying myself.

Because of my jaded–rather bratty–perspective I wasn’t able to just enjoy my movies. Yes, most–if not all–of my blockbusters at this point are just remakes doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining. Doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful pieces of art. It doesn’t mean it can’t take me on a journey that I can enjoy if I let it.

Because isn’t that the point of entertainment?

To be entertained?

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