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Death Note Fancast

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So as I was chatting with Emily the other day about the Oscars and all the remakes and adaptations that have been made this year. I then lamented on how the one adaptation I have always wanted will never get made in the US.

Death Note.

After telling Emily this she pulled up this little gem she had seen a while back.


We agreed that no one else COULD be a better Light than our Highschool Musical Star Zac Effron is Light then who better to play his arch nemesis L then Seth Rogen?


I mean their chemistry, there is no denying it.


Obviously our boy detective may have to trade in his cake for some brownies but hey, it’s all about creative choices right? Plus if Seth Rogen is in it then obviously James Franco would have to be in the movie too.

james misaf

I think he would make a great Misa Misa, don’t you?


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