About the author : Amelia is unable to take a serious picture, this is a reflection of her life which she also doesn’t take very seriously. She chooses her shows based on the fandom and spends her time creating crazy fan theories and crack pairing everyone/thing she finds.

Fangirls: Doing fine without you

Fangirls No Comment

I’m a T-Swift fan. Not the kind of fan who knows where she shops or who she had coffee with last Tuesday. But a fan of her music. Especially her newest album 1988. You play “Style” anywhere and I will bust a move. However, before this album came out there was a lot of shade thrown her way. That was until she started to take her energy away from the haters and invoke the love of her fans.

Now the internet loves our little blonde cat loving star. Videos of care packages and re-tumblr memes are spreading faster than the Ebola scare.

And why is this? Because of Fangirls.

As much as people want to roll their eyes are these sobbing girls at One Direction concert, or scoff of grown men dressed as Jedis lining up a mile long to see the newest Star Wars they need us. We are the ones who will pay through the nose for that T-shirt or tell all our friends until we are blue in the face that we LOVE the newest show.

We see these people scoff at us but we know the truth. Nothing gets something done like passion. Why do you think that so many people are trying to “connect” with the fans or trying to get more “likes” because they want us on their side. We are the reason a show like Supernatural has gotten 11 seasons while others die after a few episodes. (Thanks Tumblr!)

Let’s be real, nothing kills a fandome faster then no one caring about it. Which is why you want us, we breath life into everything we touch. No matter how silly the gif or fanfic we love with a passion that will get a show rebooted after 6 years ago of being off the air. (Thanks Korra!)

So continue to paint your face for your sport team, and quote lines for your favorite show to unexpected passersby because whether they like it or not we rule this world.


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