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Female Friends

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Relationships, they are one of the biggest components to any story. Who is this person and what are their relationships with the world around them? This blog post will explore a relationship that I feel like I wish I could see more in popular TV shows.

The thought started when Emily and I finished Kora. We got to talking about how we don’t really see a lot of strong female friendships. This conversations blossomed into a short list of our favorite couples and why we love these bad ass lady friendships.


Flash (CW): Lynda and Irish West – This relationship started as almost a rival since Barry was in love with Iris yet dating Lynda. Lynda ended up breaking up with Barry over it in season one and her character didn’t come back till season two. This relationship started to blossom from a mutual respect of both women in the workplace. Instead of the CW going the typical route of “eww we both like the same guy, it ended up becoming a supportive relationship where each girl wants to see the other grow.


Teen wolf (MTV): Allison and Lydia – These two started out as best friends with popular girl Lydia letting Allison know she likes her style and “you are now my new best friend.” While this relationship could have take the ”she’s popular so we’re friends even though she’s mean to me and I secretly hate her” (I’m looking at you Bella and Jessica). Instead these two girls are truly best friends. And when Alison leaves the show Lydia doesn’t move on and get a best friend she continues to mourn the loss of her bestie.


Gravity falls (Disney XD): Grenda, Mabel, and Candy– Forgot Taylor Swift, this is the girl squad I want to be in! From Candy telling Mabel that she has gone too far by keeping the boy band to Grenda telling her boyfriend to “stop calling” when her friend had a freakout, these three girls are the ideal girl pack. They all accept their flaws and are always there to support each other. What I also appreciate about these three are that while they are best friends they while they don’t quite becoming a click. They aren’t mean to Pacifica unless she starts it and always include others into their antics.Then you know those sisters got their backs.


Hunger Games: Rue and Katniss- A different style of relationship. While Katniss has a close relationship with her sister it is more of a protective older sister than a mutual give and take. Before she met Rue, Katniss was much more of a giver and wouldn’t accept help from others. After meeting Rue, Katniss realizes that other people around her can offer help and support. Not everyone is against her even in a the games where everyone is literally trying to kill her. Rue helps Katniss understand that it’s ok to rely on others and that a true friendship is all about teamwork. (I also still cry every time someone mentions Rue and her untimely demise)

Agent Carter: Carter and the Angie- Their relationship is a total balance. With Carter as the mussel and the Angie the heart. Angie is always there to listen to Carter and support her. Even when she comes to her aid it is in a more emotional way. (ie. Crying on Chad Michael Murry’s shoulder.) My only concern with this relationship is mostly internet based, since many people pair their two together. While I understand the foundation for this, it many ways it ruins the “Just friends” relationship that I love so much.


What female friendships do you guys love in media or are disappointed that weren’t a stronger component in your fandom? Let us know!

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