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Breaking My Heart

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The other day I found out that there will be a twentieth-anniversary show for Homestar Runner.

Just let that sink in.

  1. Homestar Runner has been around for 20 years.
  2. You can see Limozeen, Taranchula, sloshy, Strong Bad, and Coach Z all perform in the same place.

But it’s only one night and only in Atlanta!

Brothers Chaps, you’re breaking my heart. If this was anywhere within driving distance of my home, I would be there without hesitation. Even though it’s the opposite side of the country, I still seriously considered it. Unfortunately, a $350-450 plane ticket with almost no notice is a bit beyond me. (Not to mention I can’t get the day off work.)

I know Mike and Matt live in Georgia and I completely respect their desire not to travel for these types of things. But wouldn’t it be cool to do one cross-country tour?

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