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Billy the Kid vs. Dracula

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Billy the Kid vs. Dracula. Yes, this is a real movie. Yes, I have watched it.

The Plot

In this film, Billy the Kid has put aside his lawless ways and is engaged to a nice girl, Betty, who runs her family’s ranch. Betty’s mother and uncle (who Betty has conveniently never met) are coming to live with Betty. Dracula just happens to be on the stagecoach with Betty’s mother and uncle and Betty’s mother just happens to talk incessantly about the circumstances surrounding her daughter. Due to circumstances that are too convoluted to describe, everyone else on the stagecoach is killed, which gives Dracula the opportunity to pretend to be Betty’s uncle in order to take her for his bride.

Thankfully for Betty, Billy is keeping a sharp eye out. With help from some immigrants, whose daughter Dracula killed, and the old lady doctor of the town (whose German isn’t very good, but good enough for her to become the most learned person about vampires in a small town in the Old West), Billy is able to defeat Dracula and save his beloved.

The Highlights

It’s safe to say that if you’re watching a film called Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, you probably aren’t too concerned with the plot. If you are, I’m sorry.

This movie has all of the tropes you would expect: A dumb blond female (who still manages to have more character than Bella Swan), a pointless rivalry between the hero and random townsfolk, the same lamp in every scene, etc. But there are certainly a few elements that make Billy the Kid vs. Dracula stand out.

5. Dracula growls like a dog when he fights

Literally. I’m pretty sure is was actually a sound bite from a dog.

4. The audience has to be told when it’s night.

Because every scene was either filmed during the day or indoors. It’s clearly broad daylight and character comment on how dark it is. It’s amazing how creative you have to be when you’re on a tight budget.

3. Some of the wonderful one-liners

As Betty’s mom is prattling on, her brother says, “Maryann, you really should rest. Your heart, you know.” How convenient, her heart condition prevents her from talking too much.

Billy says he needs to get Dracula in front of a mirror to see if his reflection appears. “Oh, the vampire test!” breathes Eva, the immigrant who is the only person who is positive Betty is going to die.

After a pointless gunfight in town, Billy explains to the sheriff, “He tried to run me out of town. One thing led to another and I shot him.”

2. Dracula’s expression when he spots his next victim

It’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen on a human face

Sorry for the nightmares. Photo credit: One Fan's Journey
Sorry for the nightmares. Photo credit: One Fan’s Journey

1. Dracula’s weakness

How to defeat Dracula? Empty two six-shooters into him and discover that he can’t be shot. Then throw your gun at his face to knock him out. Then drive a scalpel through his heart. Not even kidding.


How To Watch It

If you enjoy B-movies, this one is definitely worth at least one viewing. You can watch it for free if you have an Amazon Prime membership (and I think you can rent it for a dollar or two if you don’t have Prime).

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