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A Fangirl Review: Agent Carter pilot

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The show starts out a few flashback to the end of Captain America the First Avenger. This helps those who maybe didn’t see the movie or those (like me) who haven’t seen the movie since it was in theaters. It also helps give an idea of the timeline and back story of our character. No complaints here, if there is an excuse to see Chris Evan’s face I am all for it.

We then get this amazing shot

agnet carter

A colorful Agent Carter in a sea of gray men. This shot is the cornerstone for the show. Beautiful and powerfully setting the town of the show with no words needed.

Then the credits roll and show the cast will be including these two:



What more can I say? Excitement is in the air.

We also get a glimpse into her relationship with her roommate, which was truly adorable and for anyone who has had a best friend/roommate it’s totally relatable. -I’m looking at you Emily- After this interaction the show introduces her relationship with a waitress at a local restaurant. I know it’s a strange thing to point out but seeing not one but TWO  strong female relationships is a rarity in Media. Most of the time that “best girlfriend” falls under the “when I need advice you show up” or the “We are frenemies” So it’s nice to see that Agent Carter has not one but two strong women she is friends with.

We then see what her life is like at her job. It’s a contrast from the previous relationships established. In a work place filled with only men during the 40/50s it’s obvious there is going to be a little sexism in the show. However, my concern going into this show that it was going to play into one of the two stereotypes:

One: Where her work treats her like crap and she fights it like some raging feminist nazi proving that she is much better and more bitter than any cigar smoking man.

Two: It could show the struggles of a woman in a male dominated workplace while Agent Carter, a flawless sexy confident woman overcomes these trials while kicking ass in a mini skirt and heels until she needs some help by her partner with whom she has a strong amount of sexual tension.

I guess only time will tell…

The real plot kicks in when Stark asks Carter to help him clear his name after some terrorist. He makes a comment on how he makes dangerous things because he can make them. Which made Me and Emily realize that:

Stark is Veric from Korra!




tumblr_ni5xa3wWGo1rnm9t7o8_250 tumblr_nejr8dxF7v1qlqsnio1_500varricmach
(If you haven’t seen Avatar: The Legend of Korra watch it after this show!)

Thus the story begins with her teaming up with Stark’s butler Jarvis and we are on our way!



We get all kinds of Carter both as a Sexy Call girl

peggydressedup And kick butt Cater


Then do some amazing fighting while getting totally messed up.


I mean really! Can we all take a second to appreciate that after a brawl she looks like this

And not this


By the end of this amazing episode we find out that a mystery of the evil men/women who call themselves Leviathans which is some evil group of evil… However, all I can think about is that they look like this:


And all I want is for their leader’s name to be Dick:dicklev

And thus we are off!!

Thoughts so far:

The World
Well done and crafted in a way that makes you want to learn more. Since it’s somewhat of a period piece there is a lot of attention to details to that time in both fashion and architecture. There is also a whole world that is outside of the show since it’s part of the Marvel culture. I feel like you can learn so much more about the character by doing your research, however it’s not a necessary requirement to enjoy the show.

The Plot
The one thing that I found very interesting is how plot focused this show is. While there are a few growing relationships the show if very light on the subplots, as far as the first episode goes. This may be in part because this is a Mini series or just the pilot.

The Characters
This show carries something that is very rare for a show and that is it’s very unique characters. Each character is very, human. While each has their flaws you can clearly see the motivation behind everyone’s actions. Agent Carter doesn’t do or say things because she’s a women or a badass, she just does and says things because she is Peggy Carter. This is a trait each character does. Every line and action they do is because of who they are not what they are.

What Kept Me Coming Back
I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of it is the costumes. I am a HUGE buff for period pieces if only for their outfits and makeup/hair and this show doesn’t disappoint. Not to mention that my love the the characters even this soon in the show has me wanting more. I want to see what the writers have in store for each of them and what choices they make as things develop. Who are they now and who will they become?

As far as the plot goes it’s really the only “basic” thing about the show. Obviously they can’t cram everything into the pilot but everything seems pretty cut and dry. This is what’s happening and this is where things will be going. I hope they throw a few curve balls in but for now.

 How You Can Watch It
It’s available for a limited time on Hulu but you can also buy it on Amazon and Itunes.

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